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Damsoul Pine Soju (담솔)
40% abv.

by Solsongju

The recipe of Damsoul has been handed down for generations and kept secret within the family. This rice is first brewed along with spruce and pine needles then distilled and proofed down with spruce tea. The pine flavor of Damsoul is exceptionally nuanced yet offers refreshing finish with hint of juniper and sancho pepper spice. We suggest to enjoy this fine soju on the rocks with splash of quality tonic water that accentuate cooling pine notes.

Golden Barley Soju (황금보리)
40% and 17% abv.

by Hwanggeum Bori

Golden Barley Soju was crafted to express complexity and unique flavor of premium quality heirloom barley. Using 100% of golden barley grown by sustainable agriculture practice, this soju showcases excellent body and smooth texture with fragrant stone fruit and subtle grain notes.

Mir Soju (미르) 
and 22% abv.

by Sulseam

Mir is one of the most pure soju that you can find and this will change your perception of soju.

Despite being one of new kids on the block that started making traditional spirits, Sulseam follows firm philosophy of following old method religiously. Mir is distilled from local rice from Gyeonggi province. This product is one of the most traditional soju using only three ingredients; Rice, Nuruk and Water. By using these three honest ingredients, this soju expresses purity of rice aroma with smooth mouth feel. 

Pungjeong Sagye Winter Soju (풍정사계 동)
42% and 22% abv.

by Hwayang Co.

This brewery is a rising star in Korean sool category. Producer’s sole focus is on quality and  preserving the traditional method.

They use special nuruk called Hyang On Gok which incorporates mung beans. The end result is stunning. This soju delivers superior aromatic notes.

Pungjeong Sagye Winter is not your average soju. It offers complex aroma of savory grain notes with botanicals. The texture offers seamless and rich mouthfeel. 

Red monkey Mir (붉은 원숭이)

10.8% ABV.

By Sulseam

Red Monkey is an wild animal. It is a Makgeolli (cloudy rice brew) made with red yeast rice where this brew gets its bright crimson color. It has natural sweetness coming from rice that provides balance with fresh acidity. It has unique flavors of fruits such as strawberry and raspberry with dried rose petals despite it only contains rice, nuruk, and red yeast rice powder.

Samhae Soju (삼해소주) 45% abv.

by Samhae Soju Ga

Samhae soju is designated as intangible cultural heritage of Seoul and it is one of the greatest examples of true soju. The brewing method of this soju can be traced back to Goryeo dynasty (918-1392) and it has been regarded as one of the finest soju. The brewing process for base sool takes 108 days and this long and slow process contributes complexity with layers of flavors. The old traditional single distillation retains its unique aromatics of savory and nutty notes. 

Seoul Night Soju (서울의밤) 23% abv.

by The Han

Seoul Night is created to fit the modern palate of soju drinkers. Double distillation of golden maesil captures pleasant floral plum flavors with dry aftertaste then cold-filtration provides clean flavors with smooth texture. 

Seoul Night will take your soju game to the next level.

We suggest to serve this spirit chilled or on the rocks with splash of soda or tonic water. 

Won Mae Plum Liqueur (원매) 13% abv.

by The Han

Won Mae is a maesil liqueur made with Korean golden plum harvested at its peak of ripeness. Most people know asian plum as green plum however when this plum ripens, it turns golden color and develop natural sweetness with more fragrance. After maceration, local honey from Jeju island is added to give round texture and subtle sweetness. It is refreshing and light with expression of abundant wild flowers and exotic tropical fruits. 

Yangchon Chungju (우렁이쌀) 14% abv.

​by Yangchon

Established in 1920, Yangchon Brewery is one of the oldest commercial breweries still in operation. With 3 generations of brewer’s guidance, they continue their legacy of making traditional makgeolli and chungju. Yangchon Chungju is brewed with rice that was grown without using herbicides by utilizing a method of releasing snails in rice field. 
This chungju has golden-amber color with abundant savory notes such as fermented soy, cheese rinds and mushroom. It has touch of natural sweetness that gives round texture.
We recommend to treat it like white wine and enjoy chilled, served wine glass.

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