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KMS Imports | Woorisoul

Master Sommelier Kyungmoon’s desire to seek his heritage and learn about traditional Korean beverage began during his tenure at JUNGSIK in New York City which has garnered two starred Michelin.

Kyungmoon quickly realized authentic food and beverage experience is something that cannot be emulated.

He found the demand and opportunity in U.S. market through the influx of new generation of young chefs’ interpretation on Korean cuisine and rise of Korean dishes as staple food in many cities.

Even after a decade since his first interest, while the level of Korean cuisine has continued to rise, Korean beverage scene has been still lagging behind. It was time for Kyungmoon to take matters into his own hands. Kyungmoon started to explore different parts of Korea and search for sool producers that showcase true mastery, superior quality, and sense of place.

These products have never been introduced in U.S. market and it is Kyungmoon’s goal to make Korean soju as a new and exciting category in the restaurant and bar scene.

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