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Samhae Soju Ga (삼해소주가)

Samhae soju is designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage by Seoul, a rare designation for food and beverage. The base sool is made with rice, nuruk, and water only. The mixture is brewed in 3 different stages on the day of pig on each months. This slow and long fermentation process takes 108 days.

The base sool is distilled in traditional pot still to 45% abv. without dilution of water which requires careful and meticulous distillation.

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Samhae Soju (삼해소주) 45% abv.

Samhae soju is designated as intangible cultural heritage of Seoul and it is one of the greatest examples of true soju.

The base brewing process which takes 108 days contributes complexity with layers of flavors. Old traditional single distillation retains all the complex flavors.

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