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Experts in traditional

Korean alcoholic beverages (sool).



We work with small family owned breweries/distilleries to be represented in U.S. market. We pursue to deliver the standard of excellence that our producers have set forth.

Authentic Korean alcoholic beverages called sool is yet to be discovered outside Korea however it is soon-to-be one of the most unique and exciting subjects in the beverage world. 


Bold, Delicious, Versatile

Discover a world of luxury and sophistication with our Premium Soju selection, a carefully crafted selection of refined Korean spirits designed to captivate your senses. Made from the finest ingredients and expertly distilled, our exceptional selection promises an unforgettable drinking experience for both connoisseurs and casual enthusiasts.

Carefully Selected by Master Sommelier

Master Sommelier Kyungmoon’s desire to seek his heritage and learn about traditional Korean beverage began during his tenure at JUNGSIK in New York City which has garnered two starred Michelin.

Kyungmoon quickly realized authentic food and beverage experience is something that cannot be emulated.

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